Vortex heat generators (VHG) with a wide application area. This unique equipment is designed for offline heating and hot-water supply of all types of dwelling houses (detached, semi-detached and terraced houses), multistoried buildings, warehouses, hospitals, schools, production rooms, greenhouses etc, i.e. for heating premises of any area. VHG's can be used both as main and stand-by or emergency heating systems.

Moreover, VHS'c are adopted in chemical industry as they are used for technological liquids direct heating. Also, there are multifunctional thermal stations (MTS) based on VHG that are employed for technological purposes, e.g. in petrochemical industry.

Being ecologically clean due to their construction which excludes any heating elements VHG's are developed as an alternative to existing heating boilers.

Vortex heat-generator is a unit unique in simple design and generated heat to consumed energy relation. The unit operation does not require to be licensed and accounted by Technical Supervision organs. It is also simple in maintenance and economical in operation.
Advantages of VHG usage as an alternative for heating and hot-water supply equipment are under no doubt with the Customer. We cooperate both with a large number of Russian and foreign enterprises and private persons, many of them are not only our clients but also dealers. A lot of excellent results were obtained from the performance of heat-generators operating for more than one season.

We aim at developing and introduction of new energy-saving and ecologically clean technologies with the purpose of obtaining cheap thermal energy in the worldwide scale; we also work for the development of modern technologies in the field of power-engineering and science.
In view of the Customer's demand, VHG application range and resources, we offer a multifunctional thermal station developed on the basis of VTG. Adjustment and maintenance of working modes, on-line control and selection of different applications are done by means of the Control panel of the unit.

The following applications of the unit are provided:
1. Heating of water and subsequent automatic temperature maintenance in the accumulator tank of the unit (water supply for outside consumers is done by means of a pumping device)
2. Heating of technical liquids:
- Direct heating through the generator;
- Heating through a heat exchanger
3. Liquid dehydration and demineralization
4. Wood drying (drying chambers). The air temperature required is achieved by means of such heat carriers as oil, glycerin and other liquids of high boiling temperature, the subsequent distribution being done by means of a calorifer.
5. Production of vapor-condensate mixture of 104C in temperature
6. Operation in heating systems and hot water supply systems
7. Liquid disinfection without chemical reactants
8. Pasteurization at temperature of 40 C (the possibility of usage in food industry)
9. Use of emulsions:
- Production of fine-dispersion emulsions
- Modification of oil-water and black oil-water emulsions properties and characteristics
- Emulsions for the mould wall lubrication when producing concrete items.

Application of the vortex heat-generator for liquid disinfection (including food industry): as an example, it permits to heat water in the swimming-pool with its simultaneous disinfection without any usage of chlorine and derivatives; it permits to cold-pasteurize milk at temperature of 40C while taste and healing milk properties become more higher in comparison with the conventional pasteurization method.

Application of the vortex heat-generator in chemical and petrochemical industry allows not only to heat oil or oil-containing liquids but also to use them as special-purpose technological equipment, the 3-year experience and large volume of oil and oil-containing liquid refinement (more than 3000 tons) showed the efficiency of our equipment in the following technological processes:
- water and salt removal;
- activation and modification of oil and oil-containing liquid;
- changing in rheological characteristics of oil-containing liquid;
- production of mixtures and emulsions with specified properties based on oil-containing liquids (as an example, the unit allows to highly increase the efficiency and quality of combustion for black oil fuel and diesel fuel in boilers and aggregate equipment, and, more importantly, to save fuel up to30%).

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Denis Schinov,
Sales manager
Vortex Heat Generators Ltd.